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08 March 2010
Walaa and Hanadi are close friends, having grown up together in the Ein el Hillweh camp near Sidon, in Lebanon. Both girls left school very young, and long before they completed their education. Low self-esteem and decreased ambition were swift to follow.
03 March 2010
The European Union Representative and UNRWA’s Commissioner-General today signed an agreement for €66 million towards UNRWA’s General Fund – the largest single donation to the Agency’s core budget.
25 February 2010
Barbara Shenstone, director of operations for UNRWA in the West Bank, yesterday planted an olive tree in the village of Burin, south of Nablus, in support of a project to create jobs and ‘green’ the local area, which sits close to the Israeli settlement of Yitzar.
18 February 2010
Today 36 Palestine refugee students celebrated their graduation from UNRWA's North Vocational Training Centre in Lebanon. Around 80 per cent have already found employment, helping their community recover from the 2007 Nahr el-Bared camp conflict.
12 January 2010
Ali Abu Al-Kabash is 52 years old. He has been blind since birth. Ali lives in Al Samuaa village in the Hebron area with his wife, who is a refugee from Gaza.
28 December 2009
UNRWA and the European Union have announced an extra contribution of EUR€5.5m in support of UNRWA’s health and environmental health programme in the Gaza Strip.
18 December 2009
The Commissioner General of UNRWA and the European Union representative Mr. Christian Berger today signed an agreement that will provide EUR€10 million in support of UNRWA’s education programme.
09 December 2009
The European Union and UNRWA yesterday unveiled the foundation stone of an ambitious project to improve infrastructure in two Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon.
20 November 2009
Meet Hossam Ashqar. Over the past six years, Hossam has worked with UNRWA's job creation programme in all the regions of the Gaza Strip, with a spirit of tirelessness and determination.
18 November 2009
Meet Fida Aoud. Fida is a woman of perseverance who has learned how to develop herself as a successful mother and career woman.