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15 November 2009
Meet Adel Bahloul. For the past two years, Adel has been working with UNRWA in Nahr el Bared camp, Lebanon, to help the 27,000 of its residents left homeless by a 2007 conflict.
15 November 2009
Raghda gained valuable work experience with UNRWA’s job creation programme, which is supported by funding from by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department, or ECHO.
12 November 2009
UNRWA and the EU today inaugurated the Deir Qasi preparatory school in Mieh Mieh, in the Saida area of Lebanon.
10 November 2009
Hussein is a 19 year old whose education ended at middle school. Now, he is studies welding - part of UNRWA’s vocational training and employment programme at Homs camp, Syria.
03 November 2009
Meet Mahmoud Najem. Mahmoud is 70 years old and a displaced refugee from the Nahr el-Bared camp. He used to own a shop, but it was destroyed during four months of fighting inside the camp.
01 November 2009
Meet Fatima, better known locally and at home as Imm Ahmed. She lives with her husband and children in Jerash camp, Jordan. Residents of the camp depend heavily on UNRWA services.
01 October 2009
For the past 60 years, UNRWA has worked with its partners to support Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territory. In this series, some of these individuals show just what this support means on a typical day in their life.
27 September 2009
UNRWA launched the "Blue Balloon Mobile" yesterday in Fawwar refugee camp as part of a series of commemorative events marking 60 years since the Agency was established.
15 September 2009
"Boiled potatoes and mjedara. That’s what we ate for iftar last night," says Adibeh Aisey Moustafa. "It is Ramadan, and this is all we ate." Adibeh is one of 32,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria registered as a special hardship case.
01 September 2009
The European Commission has today announced a contribution of €13 million to support the Job Creation Programme of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), which will help to create more than 1,4 million work days for Gaza's unemployed.