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Norwegian Teachers Visit Kalandia Girls School
20 February 2014
West Bank On 13 February, the students of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Kalandia Girls School hosted 25 Norwegian teachers from the Oslo Adult Education Centre, who were visiting Kalandia camp to observe first-hand the access restrictions that plague Palestine...
Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence
30 September 2013
In Gaza, the Gender Initiative of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) works on both protection from and the prevention of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Awareness-Raising in the Community (DV) project targets community members – women, men and youth...
23 February 2012
Norway announced today a new donation of 11 million kroner (USD 2 million) for Restoring Dignity, a fundraising appeal for the work of UNRWA in Lebanon.
28 May 2011
Norway has donated NOK 5,500,000 (US$1,033,699) as a contribution to the construction of a school in Nahr el-Bared through UNRWA.
24 August 2010
A group of UNRWA’s top human rights students met the Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Stoere in Gaza on their return earlier this month from a ten-day trip to Norway.
11 August 2010
Two weeks after children in Gaza achieved an astonishing double world record, a team of UNRWA students from the Strip have again made headlines at the Norway Cup, an international youth football tournament taking place in Oslo.