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30 March 2012
At only 19 years old, Jawa has taken her passion for hairdressing, makeup and skin care, and with the assistance of UNRWA and its Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund project, turned it into a business.
08 February 2012
The Zaragoza local council in Spain has made a generous donation of EUR100,000 to support UNRWA’s cash-for-work employment programme. The funds will enable UNRWA to provide job opportunities to nearly 300 unemployed Palestine refugees in the West Bank.
07 February 2012
To help provide opportunities for girls and young women in Gaza, UNRWA has partnered with the Palestine Red Crescent Society to offer rare on-the-job placements.
25 November 2011
This evening Realmadrid Foundation and UNRWA have signed a partnership agreement to promote sports programmes in UNRWA schools that will contribute to improving the lives of Palestine refugee children in the Middle East.
27 October 2011
The Deputy Consul General of Spain Javier Gutierrez yesterday joined the children of Shu’fat camp in an animals muppet show at the Shu’fat camp services committee centre.
19 July 2011
The International Labour Organization and UNRWA signed a memorandum of understanding at Ankar Suites in Ramallah today, to support Palestine refugee women starting their own businesses, for an amount of US$ 100,000.
08 July 2011
The Ansalusian International Cooperation for Development Agency UNRWA have signed a second collaboration agreement to provide care for Palestine refugees in UNRWA's areas of operations in the Middle East.
19 May 2011
Members of the public in Madrid this week were surprised to see a strange-looking bus on the city’s streets. Specially adapted to work as a mobile classroom and emblazoned with the message ‘Peace Starts With Education’ it is raising awareness about the situation of...
27 January 2011
Karen Abu Zayd, the former Commissioner-General of UNRWA, has been awarded the annual Peace Prize of the United Nations Association in Spain (ANUE). In a ceremony in Barcelona, the jury recognised Abu Zayd’s strong commitment to resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
08 December 2010
The image of thousands of Palestine refugee children flying kites in a record-breaking effort has provided the inspiration for a song; ‘Luces Errantes (Stray Lights)’, by Spanish musician Ismael Serrano, which is raising money for refugee children in Gaza.