19 June 2015
The UNRWA Maintenance Office in Jabalia, northern Gaza, is full of old blue UNRWA school doors waiting for a makeover, piles of window glass, large white paint buckets, and other material necessary to keep UNRWA facilities in good working condition. Standing amid the...
06 May 2015
“The most important output from this training is to find and discuss the most successful approaches in the management of UNRWA Collective Centres,” said Ansa Masaud, head of the UNRWA Collective Centres Management Unit (CCMU) at the beginning of a ‘lessons learned’ event...
23 April 2015
UNRWA has entered the final phase of an early recovery project called ‘Assistance to Support Education, Health and Gender in the Transition from Emergency to Development’, generously funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ).
22 July 2022
7:00 am- Said Lolo walks from a nearby factory building, where he spent the night
07 July 2022
In light of the increasing psychological trauma Palestine refugee children suffer from, UNRWA has launched psychosocial summer activities known as the UNRWA Summer Fun Weeks (SFWs).
04 July 2022
“When I stopped working, I could no longer make the rent I owed the landlord. I heard from people about this area we live in now, and because of the miserable situation, I had no choice but to bring my family here. As you can see, we live in something like a stall. We live...