eUNRWA Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

  1. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (hereafter: “UNRWA”) is a UN agency that supports the relief and human development of Palestine refugees and other eligible persons


  1. e-UNRWA is an interactive bilingual, mobile, and web Platform through which Palestine refugees and other eligible persons can create a user account to verify their digital identity and view and update their registration records (hereafter: “e-UNRWA” or “the Platform”).   


  1. Once registered with e-UNRWA eligible persons and their children and can  access a Family Registration Card as proof of registration with UNRWA.


  1. UNRWA registration also supports the planning and delivery of UNRWA’s assistance  programs.


  1. This Policy explains what data you must provide to apply for an e-UNRWA account, and how your data is used by UNRWA to and manage your registration.  


  1. The processing of your data by UNRWA and its partners  to provide you with services and assistance is not covered by this Policy.


  1. Data controller

  1. UNRWA is the controller of all the personal data processed in connection with your e-UNRWA registration. Our contact details are provided at the end of this document.


  1. The data we process

  1. UNRWA requires a minimum set of information to register you as a Palestine refugee or other eligible person on e-UNRWA.


  1. UNRWA already holds most of this information in its Refugee Registration Information System (RRIS).


  1. The e-UNRWA Platform will allow you to link your e-UNRWA registration with your existing UNRWA registration records and ensure their accuracy. The Platform will also provide you with direct access to your registration records.


  1. The following information is processed as part of your registration with UNRWA and use of the Platform. You will need to provide the information highlighted below to create your e-UNRWA account:
  1. Biographical data, used to identify you:
  • First Name
  • Father's Name
  • Father’s father Name
  • Family Name
  • Mother's Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Relationship to the Family
  • Place of Origin
  • Original Nationality
  • Current Nationality
  • Government ID Number


  1. UNRWA identification data, used to link you with your existing registration record:
  • Registration number
  • Registration category
  • Field of registration


  1. Location details, used for planning and delivery of services:
  • Country
  • Governorate
  • District
  • City
  • Camp Name
  • Street Name


  1. Contact data, used to contact you about your registration and associated services
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number


  1. It is important that you provide UNRWA with accurate and complete information. In the event that any of your personal information changes you should update it via the Platform or by contacting UNRWA using the contact details provided at the end of this document.


  1. If you do not provide the information highlighted above, you will not be able to use the e-UNRWA Platform. This will not, however, affect your eligibility for services.


  1. The purposes for which your information is used

  1. The personal information we collect from you is used for:


  • Registering you with UNRWA and maintaining a record of your registration
  • Informing you about UNRWA services
  • Maintaining the security of the e-UNRWA Platform
  • Improving the e-UNRWA Platform functionality
  • Providing you with support related to e-UNRWA registration and UNRWA services


  1. Legal basis for processing your data

  1. The processing of personal data to register Palestinian refugees and other eligible persons to provide relief and development services is based on the public interest in the provision of humanitarian assistance and the performance of tasks within UNRWA’s mandate.


  1. The processing of your personal data to provide you with an individual electronic service card is based on the performance of a contract  according to your acceptance of the Terms of use that govern the use of e-UNRWA 
  1. The processing of your personal data to maintain the security of the Platform, improve its functionality and counter fraud is based on UNRWA’s legitimate interests in pursuing these aims.


  1. How we process your personal information

  1. Your biographical data, address data, and contact data are processed by UNRWA for the purposes set out above.


  1. Third-party service providers

  1. We use several third-party technology providers to deliver the e-UNRWA Platform services.


  1. We use the following Microsoft services to process your data and send you email messages: Azure, Cognitive Services, Dataverse, Dynamics, and Exchange. All personal data processed by Microsoft is stored securely in Microsoft data centers in Switzerland.


  1. We use Twilio to send you SMS messages. All personal data processed by Twilio is stored securely in Twilio data centres in the European Union.


  1. Where the aforementioned entities have access to your personal data they do so under contract as a processor for UNRWA, meaning they may only process data for the sole purpose of fulfilling UNRWA’s instructions. These contracts recognize recognize the status and privileges and immunities of the United Nations.


  1. We may use other third-party service providers to support our delivery of e-UNRWA services in the future. Such engagements will be reflected in updates to this Policy.


  1. How we protect your personal information

  1. UNRWA has implemented organizational, administrative, physical, and technical safeguards and procedures to protect the security of your personal data, including against or from unauthorized or accidental access, damage, loss, or other risks presented by data processing, in accordance with UN Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy, including:
  • following a privacy-by-design approach
  • training to UNRWA staff on data security and protection
  • strict limits on staff access to data
  • security features such as two-factor authentication
  • monitoring the use of the Platform
  • testing of the security features of the Platform
  • verification of the security standards adopted by Microsoft



  1. Your rights

  1. The e-UNRWA Platform has been designed to provide you with direct access to your personal data and the Individual Service Cards and Family Registration Cards issued by UNRWA.
  1. You can amend or update certain information, such as address or contact data, directly. Other changes to your registration data can be requested via the Platform.


  1. Contact UNRWA

  1. For any other requests related to your personal data or this Privacy Policy, please email [email protected] or write to P.O box 19149 2, Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Palestinian Territory (ZIP code 91191).


  1. Changes to this Policy

We may update this Policy in the future. We will maintain an accessible record of any such changes.