Family Registration eCard

The Family Registration eCard is an official proof of registration with UNRWA. It contains individual information for all family members who are registered with UNRWA, including their individual registration number, month and year of birth, sex, relation to the family, marital status, field of registration, place of origin, and registration category. This information is updated according to UNRWA records until the print date.

The Family Registration eCard also contains a QR code that Palestine refugees and other eligible persons can use before governmental authorities and international organisations for validation.

Family Registration eCard

Governmental authorities and international organizations can validate the Family Registration eCard through the secure QR code system, by following these five steps:

  1. Scan the QR code to access a secure UNRWA webpage.

    Family Registration eCard

  2. Enter the individual registration number and month and year of birth of the concerned person as they appear in the Family Registration eCard.

  3. Press on verify and wait for the system to validate the information.

  4. Compare the Family Registration eCard that is displayed on the secure webpage to the Family Registration eCard that was scanned; the two Family Registration eCards should contain the same information.

  5. If the information does not match, the scanned Family Registration eCard is either not up to date or has been forged.

For any queries about the validation process, please contact: [email protected].