Food Assistance

Access to food in Gaza remains a challenge for a majority of refugees struggling with deteriorating socio-economic conditions. To address food insecurity, UNRWA provides emergency assistance to just over one million Palestine refugees, or about 75 per cent of all Palestine refugees in Gaza, who lack the financial means to cover their basic food. Eligibility for is determined through the results of a poverty assessment survey conducted through home visits by social workers. Approximately 620,310 refugees have been assessed as living below the abject poverty line of US$ 1.74 per person per day and receive quarterly food parcels providing 1,675 kcal per person per day, equivalent to 80 per cent of a person’s daily caloric requirements, while a further 389,680 refugees have been assessed to live between the abject poverty line and the absolute poverty line of US$ 3.87 per person per day will receive 902 kcal per person per day, equivalent to approximately 43 per cent of their daily caloric needs. To learn more about the importance of this intervention.