Gaza Staff Remembrance

Eleven civilian UNRWA personnel were killed during the Israeli operation in Gaza between 20 July and 3 August 2014.

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed

Ahmed joined UNRWA in November 1983 as a teacher and was promoted to the post of School Principal in February 2000. "Ahmed was well organized; he was a role model for his subordinates," said his supervisor.  Ahmed was killed when an explosive projectile struck his brother’s house in which his family was staying after being displaced from his home due to ongoing violence. Ahmed was a father for eight children. His wife and two of his sons were injured in the attack. 

Farid Mohammed Ahmed

Farid joined UNRWA as a teacher in September 1999. His supervisors and colleagues said he was always available to help, socially active, and showed high respect and understanding to others. He was married and had 8 children. Farid was injured and later died of his injuries as a result of the same strike that hit his house and killed his brother and our colleague Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed. 

Hazem Abu Hellal

Hazem worked with UNRWA as a guard as part of the Agency's Job Creation Programme. On 29 July 2014, he started working as a guard for a school that became a shelter for thousands of Palestinians who fled their homes as a result of the attacks. He was killed while he was on his duty at the school gate when an Israeli shelling hit next to him on 3 August 2014. Hazem was married and had two kids. "I didn’t know him before he joined us, but I cried when he was killed," said Hazem's supervisor. "Hazem showed high commitment to his work during the four days with us, demonstrating empathy and a readiness for cooperation to serve those displaced Palestinians at the school, knowing him was a real honor for all of us who worked with him for this short period."

Abdullah Naser Fahajan

Abdullah was a young staff member who joined UNRWA in September 2012 to work as a school attendant at one of the Agency's schools in Rafah. "Abdallah had a good heart," said his supervisor. "He was always available to serve." One of Abdullah’s colleagues added: “All of us will miss him. Students will definitely cry for losing uncle Abdallah as they used to call him."

Medhat Ahmed Al Amoudi

On 30 July, 53-year-old Medhat Ahmed Al Amoudi was injured during the shelling of the Jabalia Elementary Girls’ school, a designated emergency shelter where, after his family had sought refuge, Medhat was working as part of the emergency shelter team. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. Medhat joined UNRWA in 1999 and worked as a labourer with the supply and warehousing division. He left behind his wife, three daughters and four sons, two of whom were reported to have died in the attack. His colleagues describe him as a loyal and committed person.

Adel Abu Qamar

Adel was employed as part of UNRWA’s Job Creation Programme five months prior to his death. He was married and had 9 daughters and 2 sons. “He was committed and punctual even during the war,” said his supervisor. “I used to always receive excellent feedback from other colleagues at every installation he was assigned to.” 

Munir Ibrahim Hajjar

Munir Ibrahim El Hajjar was killed on 29 July 2014 when the UNRWA vehicle he was traveling in was struck by falling debris from a building hit by projectiles. His brother was travelling with him and was also killed. A Relief and Social Services Programme staff member in Nuseirat camp, Munir joined UNRWA in 1999. “He was an excellent communicator, with a smile on his face all the time,” said his supervisor. “It is extremely hard for me to return to my work without Munir,” said a colleague who shared an office with him.

Fatma A Rahim Abu Amouna

On 20 July 2014, Fatma A. Rahim Abu Amouna, 54, became the first UNRWA staff member killed in the conflict in Gaza, when an air strike hit her neighbour’s home. Her husband, also an UNRWA staff member, and one of their daughters were injured in the air strike. Fatma had been an UNRWA teacher since 1995. “She was always one of the best performers at the school,” said her supervisor. “She was a committed teacher who chose to work with students with learning difficulties,” said one of her colleagues. “We were proud to have had her working with us at the same school,” added another.

Inas Shaban Derbas

Inas Shaban Derbas, 30, an UNRWA teacher since 2008, died along with three close relatives when the house they were staying in was bombed. “Inas’ performance exceeded expectations, especially her involvement in school activities, and extra hard work to improve her students learning achievements,” said her supervisor.

Ismail El Kujuk 

Ismail A. Qader El-Kujk, 53, an environmental-health worker in Beach camp since 2003, was killed when an air strike hit his brother’s home in Gaza City on 26 July 2014. His wife and three of their six children were also injured.

Mohammed A Raouf Al Dadda

UNRWA teacher Mohammed A. Raouf Al-Dadda, 39, who joined the Agency in 1999, was working at a designated emergency shelter in the Zaitoun area of Gaza. He and his family had themselves been displaced. He was killed on 23 July 2014 while attempting to visit their original home, leaving behind his wife and five children between the ages of 2 and 11. “Mohammed was a dedicated staff member,” said his supervisor. “He was committed, enjoyed teaching and demonstrated initiative, which made him one of the best performers in the school.”