How to Report

It is mandatory to report any concern or suspicion regarding SEA, to any of the following:

All reporting channels listed above will connect victims with available support services in the relevant area of operation through the PSEA focal points.  


All personnel have a duty to report misconduct. Sexual harassment can be reported in the following ways:


  • to DIOS investigation hotline (fill in the form in English or Arabic)
  • To Field Director/Field Investigation Office


Informally, through a discussion with the perpetrator. 

  • A complainant may approach the individual if they feel comfortable enough to raise the issue directly.  
  • A complainant or witness may also seek support from their supervisor, second supervisor, or the ombudsman to facilitate a discussion with the perpetrator.

Supervisors or Directors involved in either the informal process or formal reporting should consider the safety of the complainant and consider workplace protective measures as well as accommodations related to work performance.

Complainants should also be provided with the support options, which are outlined in the document "Resources Available to Individuals Affected by Sexual Harassment" below.


Sexual Harassment Support Services

The below support services are for victims of Sexual Harassment (SH) who are UNRWA personnel

Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) (beneficiaries and members of the local community) should be referred to PSEA Focal Points for referral to available assistance.