Funding Trends

UNRWA provides regular financial updates to donors and other stakeholders. This section shares the latest information on funding requirements and contributions received.

Contribution statistical charts

Contributions to UNRWA from all sources analysed and illustrated graphically.
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Key facts and figures

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Funding Requirements 2016

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TOP 20 Government donors in 2015*


Contribution (US$)

United States of America 380,593,116
European Commission 136,751,943
United Kingdom 99,602,875
Saudi Arabia 96,000,000
Germany 91,724,417
Sweden 45,433,243
Japan 39,461,238
Kuwait 32,000,000
Norway 28,628,259
Switzerland 24,694,511
Netherlands 21,424,933
United Arab Emirates 16,799,937
Australia 15,828,982
Denmark 14,265,364
Belgium (including Flanders) 11,613,176
Italy 9,563,807
France (including municipalities) 8,485,157
Ireland 6,977,101
Finland 6,324,558
Luxembourg 5,871,550

*Contribution data is accurate as of 31 December 2015. Click here (PDF) to see all government contributions.

Top 20 Non-government donors in 2015*


Contribution (US$)

UN Agencies 25,833,701
Isalmic Development Bank 40,000,000
UAE Red Crescent 8,004,634
Isalmic Relief USA 6,169,886
Education Above All Foundation 4,612,022
American Friends of UNRWA 1,666,776
Opec Fund For International Development 1,500,000
MBC Group (MBC Al-Amal) 999,956
International Committee of the Red Cross 940,780
Al-Khair Foundation 777,605
RKK 583,552
Saudi Committee 574,400
UNRWA Spanish Committee 417,807
Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization 414,309
League of Arab States 300,000
Interpal 245,146
Islamic Relief Canada 216,606
OXFAM 183,315
Microclinic International 180,000
Tkiyet Un Ali 163,215

*Contribution data is accurate as of 31 December 2015. Click here (PDF) to see all contributions by non-government donors.