How We Are Funded

UNRWA benefits from the generous support of UN Member States including regional governments and the European Union. Together, these sources represent close to 90 percent of financial contributions to the Agency. 

Sister UN agencies share skills and expertise with UNRWA in addition to projects benefiting Palestine refugees in other multi-sectorial areas, making the UN system in the region more coherent and effective. In 2020, these collaborations had a financial value of US$ 46.24 million. 

UNRWA also partners with businesses and foundations, ranging from small local tech companies to large multinationals; we tailor each partnership to make the best use of our partner's expertise and ensure mutual benefit. 

We work closely with small community-based organizations and with international NGOs, drawing on their unique resources and strengths to deliver effective services for Palestine refugees.

Particularly during emergencies, individuals have an invaluable role in responding to the needs of Palestine refugees. Private individuals contributed US$ 5 million in 2020.








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Top non-government donors of 2018

UNRWA USA Islamic Relief USA Welfare Association UNRWA Spanish Dubai Cares


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