Humanity means that a humanitarian response should address human suffering wherever it is found. The purpose of humanitarian action is to protect people in need, ensure access to food, health, and education, and the conditions necessary to live in dignity. Humanity provides the foundation for the protection of civilians, the restoration of dignity, and for the necessary conditions to enjoy fundamental rights. 

At UNRWA, the principle of humanity drives our support to Palestine refugees and helps to orient our priorities in the direction of those in need. With humanity at its core, UNRWA delivers essential services to the affected population and advocates on their behalf to ensure that Palestine refugees are protected through the realization of their fundamental rights. 

Humanity not only motivates and informs our programming and activities, but it is also fundamental to the successful implementation of UNRWA’s mandate. The agency strives to empower Palestine refugees through a participatory approach that respects their dignity and rights. In this way, we remain accountable to those we serve.


‘Humanity means that every person lives a dignified life that preserves his rights and dignity, and that they have access to an acceptable standard of living.’

UNRWA employee, Jordan





Dignity:  An integral component of principled humanitarian action is the protection of dignity. This entails the recognition that everyone UNRWA serves possesses their own identity, needs and ambitions, and acting to treat everyone with respect.