The International Conference on UNRWA FAQ

The International Conference on UNRWA“Sustaining the Rights and Human Development of Palestine Refugees”  


Brussels, 16 November 2021 

  1. Who is convening this Extraordinary Virtual Ministerial Pledging Conference?

The Foreign Ministers of Jordan and Sweden will co-chair this event in support of UNRWA.


  1.  What is the objective of this Conference?

Hosts of this Conference aim to encourage Member States to provide UNRWA with the adequate political commitment and stable and predictable funding it requires to fully and effectively implement the mandate bestowed upon it by the United Nations General Assembly.  


  1. When and where will the Conference be held?

The Conference will take place on Tuesday 16 November 2021 from 9:00AM to 11:30AM in Brussels, Belgium. 


  1. What is the expected level of attendance and size of Delegations?

Delegations are expected at Ministerial level. His Excellency António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, will offer an introductory statement virtually.  Delegations may also attend virtually (a zoom link will be provided).


  1.  What are the Conference working languages?

The working languages of the Conference are English and Arabic .


  1.  How can Delegations register for the Conference?

Attendance to the Conference is by invitation only. Registration information is to be included in the invitation letter to be sent by the co-chairs.


  1. Is it a pledging conference?

The conference has a broader ambition but it does include a pledging component.

For Member States who can provide additional funding support, please download pledging forms (in Arabic and English) at the following links:

 Eng. Link:/sites/default/files/unrwa_2021conference_form_eng.pdf

 Ar. Link:/sites/default/files/unrwa_2021conference_form_ar.pdf

Member States can submit these forms to the following email address: [email protected]

  8. Will there be a press release?

A press release will be issued shortly after closing of the Conference.


  9.Who can I contact for further information on the International Conference on UNRWA?

For any questions pertaining to the Conference or any other queries, please contact: [email protected]


  10. Will there be a recording of High-level opening and proceedings

Only the High-level opening UNRWA video will be published by UNRWA for use by international media free-of-charge.