Leading for the Future

Leading for the Future is a leadership development programme for Headteachers and Principals of UNRWA schools. The programme will develop the practical leadership skills essential for the successful implementation of the UNRWA Reform Strategy. Headteachers and Principals completing the programme will gain the competence, confidence and practical approaches to lead and embed lasting change in their schools.

Rationale for Leading for the Future

Commitment to the implementation of the UNRWA Educational Reform Strategy is clear. The changes central to the Reform Strategy will take place in every classroom in every school and impact on every teacher and every child. Significant systemic change must be driven by leaders who have the understanding, knowledge and skills to lead improvement and manage resistance. Leaders must be confident they have the necessary skills, tools and techniques to set and communicate the vision and secure the engagement and involvement of all members of their organisation. The status quo is not an option for UNWRA. The reports and workshops directing the Education Reform all arrive at the same conclusions. Education in UNRWA Schools must develop citizens who are resilient, life-long learners equipped to deal with the challenges of life in 21st Century. Learners who know how to learn, initiate change and take responsibility for themselves and their families.

If the School Based Teacher Development Programme (SBTD) is to be successfully implemented in UNRWA Schools, Head Teachers must develop their leadership behaviours to drive and promote the substantial changes in school climate and the quality of teaching and learning activities.


leading for the future (LftF) programme factsheet

Education Specialists Handbook

Head Teachers Handbook

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