Module 1: Developing active pedagogies - Maths

Unit 1: Creating a variety of active teaching and learning strategies

The first Unit in Module 1 begins by examining how the teacher’s role and ways of working have developed over the years and what impact this is having on students’ learning and achievements.  The notion of learning being an ‘active’ process is at the heart of this Unit and Module. It will ask you, as a Maths teacher, to examine what you currently do in your classroom through reflective exercises, and provide, through Case Studies and Activities based in the Maths classroom, a range of interactive strategies (such as brainstorming and working in pairs and groups) to make your teaching more active and engaging for students.

Unit 2: Exploiting the local environment as a learning resource

This Unit looks beyond the classroom to explore the local physical environment and the community as rich resources to enhance the active nature of teaching and learning Maths in school. The Unit’s Case Studies and Activities focus on different ways to use local resources, such as using the school grounds to develop students’ mathematical engagement and inviting local people into the school to stimulate students’ thinking and broaden their outlook. In these ways, you will be able to demonstrate that Maths can be a real means of exploration rather than just the memorisation of formulae and rules.

Unit 3: The learner-centred, educationally stimulating, classroom environment

This Unit looks at how Maths teachers can organise their classrooms so that they are more interesting and stimulating, and so that they support students’ learning and build their self-esteem. The Unit examines different classroom layouts, and considers how teachers can use displays to stimulate interest and promote thinking.

Unit 4: Developing professional knowledge, skills and understanding

This Unit explores the ideas and beliefs behind continuing professional development (CPD) for Maths teachers. It examines how important it is for teachers to be open to new ideas and ways of working, and to always strive to improve their understanding of teaching and learning towards ensuring that more students are actively engaged in learning and gain in self-confidence. Through the Case Studies and Activities, you will be encouraged to reflect on your practice by planning, sharing and trying out new ideas with colleagues, thus building up communities of practice where teachers support and help one another.



Module 1 for Maths in English