Module 2: Learning-focused classroom practices - Maths

Unit 5: Expectations as the key to effective teaching and learning

Research has shown that how a teacher perceives a student as a learner can have a very significant impact on that student’s success as a learner, both negatively and positively. This Unit explores how to develop a supportive environment and encourages the use of more positive ways of interaction within the classroom, such as using praise and encouragement that is appropriate to each student’s stage of development. It stresses the importance of keeping an open mind rather than closing a student’s options by being prejudiced against them because, for example, they come from a certain part of town, are from a certain family or look a certain way.

Units 6–7: Building successful communities of learning: the
development of active class and group teaching strategies (double unit)

This double Unit explores different strategies to help students participate more actively in their Maths learning. The emphasis is on building a supportive environment where students can feel safe in taking risks in their learning and are not ridiculed if they do not understand mathematical concepts. Using group work in different ways in the Maths classroom to engage the students intellectually, socially and emotionally is a major focus of this Unit.

Unit 8: Celebrating learning success

Celebrating students’ success in learning can have a significant impact on their perception of themselves as learners and make the difference between success and failure. This Unit explores how talking with students about their Maths work, and displaying it, as well as helping them develop their skills of learning, solving problems and participating in discussions, will help build confidence and self-esteem.



Module 2 for Maths in English