Module 4: Issues specific to teaching and learning in Maths

If you are following this programme alongside colleagues from other subjects, you will notice that this Module is different from the others in that it addresses themes that are of particular importance to the teaching and learning of Maths. The Module will look at how the nature of Maths informs how it might be presented to learners in schools and how your own ideas on the nature of Maths not only inform how you teach it, but also how effective you will be. Each of the Units will deal with different aspects of Maths teaching but always with the aim of building the competencies of the UNRWA framework and developing learners who are critical and creative thinkers and can learn and think independently.

Unit 13: Teaching about the nature of Maths within the UNRWA Curriculum Framework

The first Unit in Module 4 begins by considering how the nature of Maths impacts on the teaching of the subject. It then discusses how a Maths curriculum can be designed within the UNRWA Curriculum Framework. You will reflect on your thinking about the nature of Maths, taking account of its history, development and significance as a subject of study in its own right and as a powerful tool for applications. Case Studies show how the nature of Maths can be incorporated into classroom teaching, giving students the chance to experience the power and significance of Maths, linked to the UNRWA Curriculum Framework. You will plan learning experiences that allow your students to experience these ideas.

Unit 14: Thinking mathematically: embedding exploratory Maths

This Unit will consider how higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) in Maths can be developed systematically, through ordinary classroom teaching. Case Studies will show how problem solving and mathematical investigation can be embedded into every lesson, developing practices that will enable students to approach mathematical tasks confidently and flexibly. Activities will focus on task design and structure, requiring you to plan and develop lessons supporting your students’ thinking.

Unit 15: Investigating mathematically: developing mathematical thinkers

This Unit will engage with the use of open mathematical tasks to specifically develop higher-order thinking skills directly and to apply curriculum Maths to solve mathematical problems. Case Studies will present situations where students investigate mathematical situations, supported by their teacher while preserving the openness of the task. These tasks are often referred to as mathematical investigations and the Activities will focus on finding and developing published investigations and developing plans and supporting materials to use them effectively in class.



Module 4 for Maths in English