Module 4: Issues specific to teaching and learning in Science

If you are following this programme alongside colleagues from other subjects, you will notice that this Module is different from the others in that it addresses themes that are of particular importance to the teaching and learning of Science. While there is subject-specific material in all of the other five Modules, the Unit titles and much of the text are the same in all subjects and in SBTD I. The first three Units in this Module deal with how key aspects of Science can be dealt with in the classroom. The final section deals with cross-curricular skills, including literacy and numeracy, which are, of course, central to all Units in the languages and Maths programmes respectively, but which merit a Unit to themselves in Science.

Unit 13: Teaching about the nature of science within the UNRWA
Curriculum Framework

The first Unit in Module 4 begins by considering how the nature of Science and how Scientists work impacts on the teaching of the subject. It then discusses how a science curriculum that reflects the nature of Science relates to aspects of the UNRWRA Curriculum Framework. An initial Activity asks you to reflect on your understanding of the nature of Science. Later Activities and the Case Studies are concerned with planning learning experiences that help students to understand how Science relates
to their everyday lives. In planning these learning experiences, you will be asked to show an understanding of how the subject links to aspects of the UNRWRA Curriculum Framework.

Units 14/15: Practical work in Science

This double Unit explores the role of practical work in the Science classroom. It asks you to consider the role of practical work in the curriculum and the range of learning outcomes that can be achieved through its use. The Case Studies give examples of how different types of practical work can be managed effectively and the Activities require you to plan practical work of different types with a range of purposes.

Unit 16: Cross-curricular skills in Science

This Unit considers the role of Science in supporting the development of cross curricular skills. It explains briefly how literacy, numeracy and ICT skills can be supported within the Science classroom. The Case Studies and Activities focus on strategies you can use to develop language skills in your lessons.



Module 4 for science in English