Module 6: Engaging parents in raising achievement - English

Unit 21: Strategies for engaging and working with parents in the learning process

Working with parents is increasingly seen as crucial in helping students achieve more. This Unit, through a range of activities focusing on the English classroom, aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of the importance of parents/carers’ engagement and involvement in the schooling of their children. It examines some of the barriers that teachers and schools may face when engaging parents/carers in education and provides examples from English classrooms showing ways that may help overcome these.

Unit 22: Establishing an achievement dialogue with parents

Having explored ways that parents could be involved in the education of their children, this Unit extends these ideas further and, through the Case Studies and Activities, provides you, the teacher, with new ideas and the opportunities to try these out. These first steps could make a significant difference to student outcomes and their impact is considered. For example, the use of a range of tools and strategies to maintain a positive and regular contact with parents is examined, as are suggestions for how to engage all parents in their children’s learning.

Units 23–24: Professional development and moving forward (double Unit)

The final Unit in this SBTD II programme provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your own learning through your study of the whole programme. It begins by exploring the nature of professionalism and what is meant by professional learning as a teacher. The second part of the Unit then asks you to reflect on your own learning and what impact the programme has had on you as an English teacher, and finally asks you to build on what you have learned.



Module Six