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24 January 2024
When Muhammad returned to work at the Tal al-Sultan Health Centre after it reopened following its temporary closure during the first few days of the war, he faced unprecedented challenges in terms of managing the sheer number of internally displaced people (IDPs) and the...
10 January 2024
This winter is different from any one before it. We used to visit dilapidated homes with crumbling walls and leaky roofs, distributing blankets, heaters and other items to help keep Palestine Refugees in Gaza warm as part of the UNRWA winterization campaign.
05 January 2024
When the UNRWA Tal al-Sultan Health Centre in Rafah closed at the start of the war, Dr. Ayman, the Centre’s deputy medical officer, decided to volunteer with the local emergency operations team to implement its health plan.
31 December 2023
A few weeks back, during the brief humanitarian pause in Gaza, I received a heartbreaking message. It was from a contact, Shoukri. He sent me two videos of his young daughter, filmed somewhere in Gaza, on her birthday. Lit by a single candle, the little girl tells the...
26 December 2023
The walk to Abdelhadi’s (14) school was always filled with noise and fun. Many important conversations, games, and pranks took place along the way. School mates shared secrets and joys, quarreled and reconciled, and split their pocket money and bits of bread.