Yarmouk Situation Update 4

04 April 2015
Today, UNRWA provided life-saving humanitarian support to 94 civilians who fled Yarmouk and found refuge in the Zeynab Al-Hilalyah government school in Tadamon. © 2015 UNRWA Photo by Taghrid Mohammad

No UNRWA food distribution has been possible inside Yarmouk since the outbreak of fighting on April 1st.  As intense clashes continue, UNRWA is greatly alarmed by the humanitarian consequences for the 18,000 civilians trapped in Yarmouk. Amidst the fierce fighting, civilians already impoverished, hungry, and deprived of essentials of life are now terrified and fearful of the outcome of current developments. 

Today, UNRWA was able to provide life-saving humanitarian support to 94 civilians, including 43 women and 20 children, who fled Yarmouk and found refuge in the Zeynab Al-Hilalyah governmental school in Tadamon, located on the Eastern side of Yarmouk. These families had escaped Yarmouk earlier today, following a night of intense fighting. UNRWA immediately provided them with canned food, 500 liters of water, 94 mattresses and 94 blankets. UNRWA is grateful for the contribution of the Palestine Red Crescent Society which provided health services to these families upon their arrival to the school.  

UNRWA and its partners stand ready to continue providing humanitarian assistance to civilians inside Yarmouk and to those who may be displaced from Yarmouk as a result of the ongoing fighting. 

In the strongest possible terms, UNRWA demands from armed groups inside Yarmouk respect for and compliance with their obligations to ensure the protection of civilians. UNRWA further demands an end to the fighting and a return to conditions that will ensure the safety of civilians and enable UNRWA staff to support and assist the people of Yarmouk.