Emergency Reports

27 October 2016
18 October – 25 October 2016 | issue 167 “The UN has issued repeated warnings about the unsettling and serious conditions prevailing in the tiny enclave; we warned already four years ago that the Gaza Strip will become unliveable – meaning that there will effectively not be...
21 October 2016
11 October – 18 October 2016 | issues 166 “I am glad to see my home being reconstructed finally; I am tired to move from rented home to rented home. The UNRWA engineers provide me with all necessary information and help and guide me through the complicated processes.”...
12 October 2016
Through CwC, UNRWA provides Palestine refugees greater access to the information they need and ensures that their voices are heard and taken into account in decision-making processes related to the provision of humanitarian services
09 October 2016
UNRWA has made the Palestine refugee journey more visibly available to the public through its recently launched digital film and photo archive, accessible at http://unrwa.photoshelter.com
02 October 2016
Chair of the UNRWA Advisory Commission and Head of the Department of Humanitarian Aid at the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), Mr. Manuel Bessler, visited Gaza on 25 September, accompanied by a delegation of SDC representatives. The goal of the visit was to...