Emergency Reports

18 November 2016
On 14 and 15 November, the UNRWA Advisory Commission met in Amman, Jordan for its biannual meeting, to discuss key challenges and opportunities in the Agency’s five fields of operation
10 November 2016
More than two years after the end of the 2014 conflict in Gaza – the most devastating of the three conflicts in the past seven years, the reconstruction and recovery of Gaza has made progress yet many challenges remain
03 November 2016
Palestine refugees in Gaza continue to experience high levels of stress and distresses as a result of the 2014 conflict and the economic, social and psychological impacts of the blockade
27 October 2016
18 October – 25 October 2016 | issue 167 “The UN has issued repeated warnings about the unsettling and serious conditions prevailing in the tiny enclave; we warned already four years ago that the Gaza Strip will become unliveable – meaning that there will effectively not be...
21 October 2016
11 October – 18 October 2016 | issues 166 “I am glad to see my home being reconstructed finally; I am tired to move from rented home to rented home. The UNRWA engineers provide me with all necessary information and help and guide me through the complicated processes.”...