Emergency Reports

06 May 2016
Female Heads of Households in the Gaza Strip remain a particularly vulnerable group subject to marginalization, greater poverty levels and social stigmatization
28 April 2016
In April 2016, UNRWA commenced the second round of its food distribution, which runs until June 2016, and for the first time provides the new and improved food baskets to over 930,000 Palestine refugees.
22 April 2016
UNRWA organized a Colour Festival on 16 April in the courtyard of the Gaza Vocational Training Centre to help address the psychosocial needs of UNRWA students through recreational and creative activities
15 April 2016
To encourage community work among UNRWA students and their parents and raise awareness about the environment and how to protect and preserve it, the UNRWA Gender Initiative conducted a clean-up campaign titled ‘Healthy Environment’
10 April 2016
The UNRWA-supported social enterprise GGateway (Gaza Gateway) celebrated its launch event on 3 April in Gaza city