20 November 2022
“I guess from a very young age I was keen to help others,” says Ghazal Mustafa Al Jamal, a 14-year-old girl living in Beit Surik, in the occupied West Bank.
17 November 2022
Eight Palestine refugee students from the UNRWA Damascus Training Centre (DTC) showcased their cutting-edge skills and expertise at the Syrian Industrial Exhibition earlier this month.
16 November 2022
UNRWA launched a 360-degree virtual reality online tour of its Information Technology Service Centre (ITSC), now Gaza’s largest IT employer, during an interactive webinar last week. Staffed by local Gaza-based IT graduates and young professionals, primarily Palestine...
02 November 2022
Joining the Damascus Training Centre (DTC) was a turning point in my life. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills required for the job market,” said Huda Abbas, a graduate of the DTC Banking and Insurance Course during remarks at “Ambitious Youth Forum”. Huda is now...