07 March 2023
Sara Abo Ardat is a 29 year-old Palestine refugee living in Saida, Lebanon. A graduate of the UNRWA Siblin Technical and Vocational Training Centre (STC), Sara studied information technology.
06 March 2023
Nuzha Tarawiyyeh (right) shows what remains of her new apartment to the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria, Michael-Ebye Amanya(center) and the UNRWA Chief of Staff, Ben Majkodumni (left) during their visit to Lattakia Palestine refugee camp
27 February 2023
"I was so excited when I received my first salary! All I think about was how to provide my children with what they need. I gathered my ten children around the table and asked them to list the things they wanted and hadn’t asked for.
27 February 2023
In the heart of Gaza, strawberries - grown conventionally in soil - are being cultivated in a unique way - from above the ground, hanging down.
25 January 2023
Last August was a special month for Palestine refugee children in Ein el Tal refugee camp, north-east of the Syrian city of Aleppo. Since returning to the camp in 2017