A Day in the Life of a Palestine Refugee

01 October 2009

For 60 years, UNRWA has worked with its partners to support Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territory. In this series, some of these individuals show just what this support means on a typical day in their life.

Hossam: Securing jobs in Gaza

Hossam Ashqar

Meet Hossam Ashqar, an employee at UNRWA’s job creation programme in the Gaza Strip. Over the last six years, he has worked tirelessnessly to help Gazans pull themselves out of poverty. Read Hossam‘s story


Fida: Careers guidance in Homs

Fida Aoud is a woman of perseverance, a successful mother and career woman. She works in UNRWA’s vocational training programme as the director of career guidance in the Homs camp, Syria. Read Fida‘s story


Adel: Rebuilding lives in Nahr el-Bared

Adel Bahloul is a social worker in Nahr el Bared camp, Lebanon; the camp where she was born. Today, she works to help the residents that were left homeless by a war that destroyed most of the camp in 2007. Read Adel‘s story


Hussein: Forging a better future in Syria

Hussein Al-Babeede, 19, studies welding under a vocational training programme in Syria. The EU-funded programme helps young people who have difficulties finding work. Read Hussein‘s story


Mahmoud: Business as usual in Lebanon

Mahmoud Najem is 70 years old and a displaced refugee from the Nahr el-Bared camp. Mahmoud lost everything, including his small shop, in the 2007 conflict. A grant from UNRWA helped Mahmoud reopen his business. Read Mahmoud‘s story


Imm Ahmed – Supported by the Social Safety-Net in Jordan

Fatima - known to most as ‘Imm Ahmed‘ - lives with her husband and children in Jerash camp, Jordan. Neither of them hold Jordanian citizenship or Jordanian ID numbers and cannot access many services. UNRWA supports them through the social safety net programme. Read Imm Ahmed‘s story

Since 1971, the European Union has regularly supported UNRWA, and is today the Agency‘s largest multi-lateral donor. Between 2000 and 2009, the EU provided over €1 billion of support to the Agency. This funding has enabled human development for the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

To find out more about the European Union, visit the EU website.

UNRWA-EU: A partnership for development and humanity