Dispatches from the Field: story Manal Bishr

14 August 2020
© 2020 UNRWA Photo by Maysoun Mustafa

“My sense of belonging to the UNRWA Galilee School is very strong, because I was a student there. This strongly motivated me to participate in this initiative and invite other colleagues to participate in it. Damaged to the school felt like it happened to me. The damage, albeit somewhat minor compared to the horrors of the damage to the port, is painful.

The impact of the explosion affected me, especially after going to the place of explosion and witnessing the extent of the destruction. This prompted me to move alongside the Lebanese people to heal the wounds of Beirut. I feel a sense of mutual solidarity, Lebanese youth have also taken the initiative to extend a help hand to remove the rubble from the UNRWA school.

We, young men and women, need someone to support us, advocate for our causes and support us in order to be an effective force on the ground, as we are the future of Palestine refugees in Lebanon.”

Manal Bishr, 19, a student at the College of Business Administration from Shatila camp