Don’t demolish my future!

01 November 2011

Campaign update

Demolitions and the threat of displacement are ruining people’s lives in the West Bank.

We want to put a stop to the devastating practice of demolition. We need your help!

The facts:

  • Whole communities are living with the daily trauma and anxiety of losing their homes and livelihoods in Israeli-controlled East Jerusalem and Area C, which together make up more than 60 per cent of the West Bank.
  • In the rural West Bank, at least 3,000 outstanding demolition orders on homes and infrastructure affect tens of thousands of people.
  • In East Jerusalem, at least 28 per cent of Palestinian homes are built without an Israeli permit, putting about 60,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem at risk of house demolitions.
  • Under the Israeli zoning policy, Palestinians can build in just 13 per cent of East Jerusalem and in just 1 per cent of Area C. In both cases these areas are already heavily built-up, making obtaining a permit almost impossible.
  • Demolitions devastate families and communities, increasing poverty and instability. This is compounded by the fact that demolitions often limit access to basic services, such as education, health care, water and sanitation, especially when infrastructure such as schools and water cisterns is targeted.
  • The impact of home demolitions can be particularly devastating for children. Many show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. Their academic achievement often suffers.
  • Many of the people affected by demolitions come from the most marginalised and vulnerable communities, and already live in poverty.

Join our campaign to support the demand of tens of thousands of Palestinians:

“Don’t demolish my future!”
Stop demolitions and displacement in the West Bank

To show your support:

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2) Stay informed

3) Support our demand that Israel meet its obligations under international law

  • Immediately cease demolitions of Palestinian-owned homes, schools and infrastructure, which cause displacement and dispossession, until Palestinians have access to a fair and nondiscriminatory planning system. This should include community participation in all levels of the planning process.
  • Families that have been forcibly displaced must be allowed to return to their homes in safety and dignity, and be given compensation for any harm they have suffered, including the destruction of land, homes and property.

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