Egyptian Pedal Power Raises Money for Gaza

25 June 2009

Thirty-three Egyptians cycled over 700km from Milan (Italy) to Düsseldorf (Germany) to support the people of Gaza.

The achievement was part of the 2009 Global Biking Initiative (GBI), an annual event that aims to raise funds for various charities. GBI 2009 had over 200 participants from Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Spain, France and Egypt.

The tour started in Milan, Italy, on 12 June. The participants cycled North through Como then into Switzerland where they climbed over 2000 m to the top of St Gotthard. After passing the Alps, the tour continued North to Germany on the Rhine river, ending up in Dusseldorf on 18 June.

In total, the tour raised 89,000 Euros. One quarter of the money raised came from the Egyptian team, to support the medical work of UNRWA in Gaza. The tour also provided an opportunity for the Egyptian team to discuss facts about the humanitarian situation in Gaza with all tour participants and raise awareness. The team in particular called for donations to UNRWA’s relief efforts in the area.

The Egyptian team showed great passion, enthusiasm and positive spirit throughout the whole tour and left a positive mark on the tour, encouraging all who took part to learn more about the humanitarian situation in Gaza.