Everyone has the right to live in dignity: UNRWA organizes a screening for the documentary "Someone like me"

30 April 2013
30 April 2013
The Lebanese Academy for Fine Arts (l’Alba) hosted the screening of the documentary “Someone like Me…” produced within the framework of the “Dignity for All” campaign, launched in 2010 by UNRWA with the support of the European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO). The campaign aims to enhance public knowledge and understanding on the plight of Palestine refugees in Lebanon, and to improve the mutual perceptions of the Lebanese and Palestinian communities through advocating for preserving human values for Palestine refugees living in Lebanon using a key message: “Every person has the right to live in dignity”.  
The screening was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Tony Chakar, with the participation of the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, Ann Dismorr, the Head of the European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO), Bruno Rotival, Dr. Salah Honein and Legal Consultant Elias Moukheiber. 
In her welcoming note, Ann Dismorr presented an overview of UNRWA’s interventions targeting youth in Lebanon, highlighting the joint ventures conducted within the “Dignity for All“ campaign and stressing the need for openness and for reaching out to the ‘other‘. For his part, Bruno Rotival highlighted the power of investing in people’s basic inclination to get together, noting that lack of knowledge about the ‘other’ is the main obstacle to any socio-economic, conciliatory progress. 
Dr. Honein talked about his vision for Lebanon as a land of refuge. "I am personally proud of Lebanon as an advocator of a message of peace, openness, compassion, freedom, human rights, democracy and dialogue," he said. 
Elias Moukheiber delivered a briefing on the difficulties faced by Palestine refugees residing in Lebanon, and called for turning ministerial decisions relating to the rights of Palestine refugees in Lebanon into more solid laws. 
When it was time for those in attendance to ask questions, many emphasized the timeliness of the campaign and stressed the need for finding common ground and building bridges between the Lebanese and Palestinian communities in Lebanon.
Watch "Someone like me…" here


UNRWA launched the #DignityIsPriceless campaign in Gaza on 22 January 2018. © 2018 UNRWA Photo Rushdi Al Saraj
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