Hussein: Forging A Better Future in Syria

10 November 2009

Meet Hussein Al Babeede.

Hussein is a 19 year old whose education ended at middle school. Now, he studies in a welding course that is part of UNRWA’s vocational training and employment programme at the Homs camp in Syria. This programme is funded by the European Union to provide job training to young people in the camp who often have difficulties finding work, because of their lack of proper skills and training.

7:00:Arrive at work. Through his training programme, Hussein has been apprenticed at the factory of a local tempered glass company. "I am very happy that I was able to get this job after passing the test and the end of the welding course that the office of career guidance suggested to me. I now earn the excellent salary of 28,000 Syrian pounds ($560) per month and the experiences I am now gaining will allow me to double my income soon."

12:30: Quick lunch and back to work. Hussein and his friends, who participated in the same programme through UNRWA’s office of career guidance, finish lunch and return to work. They normally work until 4pm, but many are ready to work overtime in order to earn extra pay. The welding programme has become especially popular, but it faced serious obstacles to its establishment. Originally, there was no suitable place to hold courses and the costs of the course were quite high. But since there is such a serious need for welders in the Homs labour market, UNRWA worked to overcome all these obstacles. As Hussein and his co-workers prove, the programme was quite successful on both a theoretical and practical level, and the rates of recruitment were high.

6:00: End of the day. Hussein returns home for a quick rest and to see his family before going out with his friends at the end of a hard day’s work. Indeed, his work as a welder has benefited not only him, but his family. "I have to perform military service at the beginning of the year, and so I’m saving money so that my family will be comfortable while I’m away. I am now ready to build my own future and to face future challenges. No one will be able to take advantage of me now, since I hold the skills and I know the value of the profession that I’ve learned."


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