International Women’s Day 2009

08 March 2009

8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD). IWD is is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. To mark the day a number of activities are being coordinated across UNRWA’s five fields of operations. These events include film screenings, exhibitions, special classes, and visits by international delegations.

Jordan: School Children Say it in Colour

In order to make room for children to participate in efforts to eliminate violence against women and to encourage them to express their ideas, feelings and perceptions of this issue, UNRWA school children in Jordan were asked to produce paintings and drawings on this theme. Read School Children Say It In Colour

Gaza is Code Pink on International Women’s Day

On the day before International Women’s Day, a 50-member international delegation carrying 2,000 gift baskets crossed the Egyptian border into the Gaza Strip, to pay tribute to Gazan women. Read Gaza is Code Pink

Gaza: “I want to be free and safe; these are my two main wishes.”

Basma Hamid Rajab, a volunteer at the Eastern Gaza Centre for Family Development, explains she relishes the opportunities that have been opened up for her and other local women. Read "I want to be free and safe"

West Bank Pioneers: Umm Ra’ad

Palestinian women play a considerable role in maintaining Palestinian heritage, particularly through the preservation of traditional embroidery techniques and through mounting local and international exhibitions of their work. Traditional embroidery is an important part of Palestinian culture, rich in cultural meaning and symbolism. Read Umm Ra‘ad‘s story

West Bank Pioneers: Dalal Salameh

In any context, Dalal Salameh, head of the General Union for Palestinian Women in Nablus, would be considered remarkable. As a woman from the largest refugee camp in the West Bank, her achievements are all the more incredible. Read Dalal Salameh‘s story

Syria: Extraordinary Women

As part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day, UNRWA profiled three women; all of whom have overcome difficult circumstances to contribute to their communities. Read Extraordinary Women

Lebanon: One Week of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

To mark International Women’s Day, women’s centres in seven camps across Lebanon worked with Lebanese and Palestinian NGOs to organise awareness-raising events. Read about the Week of Activism

Syria: Palestinian Refugee Women under International Humanitarian Law

As part of Syria’s celebration of International Women’s Day, the Syrian Authority for Family Affairs hosted a session titled “Palestinian Refugee Women in International Humanitarian Law” at the Syrian Opera House on 11 March. Read about Palestinian women and IHL

United Nations Secretary-General‘s Campaign to End Violence Against Women: Visit the UNITE website

Download the Gaza Equality in Action factsheet (PDF)

View UNIFEM’S multimedia report: The Progress Of The World’s Women, 2008/9

Two UNRWA students from Gaza enjoy recess in their first day of school. © 2017 UNRWA Photo by Rushdi Al-Saraj
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