Lebanese students visit Burj Barajneh refugee camp

10 May 2011

3 May 2011

A group of Lebanese schoolchildren had a unique visit to Burj Barajneh refugee camp as part of UNRWA’s Dignity for All project, funded by the European Union through its humanitarian aid department ECHO.

The students from Saint George School in Beirut visited the UNRWA clinic, women’s programme centre and active ageing house, as well as taking a tour in the alleys of the camp.

The students, who come from different backgrounds in Lebanese society, spoke with UNRWA staff about the living conditions and the services provided to refugees in the camp.

They also visited a number of shops and kiosks, and enjoyed a traditional falafel meal with Palestinians from the camp.

Changed perceptions

One student, Battoul, said: “We have always thought that the camps are a dangerous area. This visit has changed our perception towards Palestine refugees in the camps. We enjoyed a day with the elderly and spoke to people in the alleys, shops and the clinic, it was a great experience.”

Ali, another pupil, said: “I have been to gatherings before but this is my first visit to an actual camp. We enjoyed the company of the elderly at the active ageing house and getting to know the UNRWA services and projects. It is true that living conditions are bad, but the welcoming and the warmth we felt from the people are indescribable.”

By the end of the day, students expressed their gratitude for the visit, emphasising the importance of the project and its goals. The Dignity for All project advocates for a life of dignity that preserves all human values for Palestinians in Lebanon.

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