Madaba Community Comes Together for Palestine Refugee Children

17 June 2014
Madaba Community Comes Together for Palestine Refugee Children


Amira, a teacher at the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Madaba Elementary Girls School, remembers one of her students, second-grader Bana, saying to her: “Miss, I want to return to my classroom. I don’t like this room. It’s dark and many women come in.”
Bana is one of 21 second and third graders with learning difficulties at Madaba Elementary Girls School. They used to attend their classes in a multipurpose room, which had a bed used in emergency cases by children and teachers, as well as some lockers for teachers. The room had only one small window, so it lacked daylight and air.  
The head teacher, Amal Hindi, knew that there was space at the school that could support a comfortable learning centre for her students with disabilities, but the limited budget made her dream of building such a centre difficult to realize. She decided to make every possible effort, writing to members of parliament, banks and local community establishments, asking for their help in making her dream come true for the students.
Two early supporters were Dr. Isaac Jaara, head of the Al-Wihdeh Sports Club, and Khader Abu-Nab, head of the Al-Wifaq Charity Committee. They contacted the school as soon as they received Ms. Hindi’s letters. “We, as a sports, cultural and social club, care for the local community, and we had many initiatives in serving the refugees,” Dr. Jaara explains.  “We could, in cooperation with Al-Wifaq Charity Committee, raise funds of up to JOD 18,000 (US$ 25,000),” he adds. 
Al-Wihdeh took on not only fundraising for the learning centre but also supervision of the construction in coordination with UNRWA engineers, Mr. Abu-Nab adds. “We overcame many difficulties to make this project a success,” he says. Handing the learning centre over, he hoped it would help Palestine refugee children build a brighter future. 
When he opened the Madaba Girls School Learning Support Centre in early June, Roger Davies, Director of UNRWA Operations in Jordan, echoed that wish, and thanked all the local donors for extending their assistance to the refugee children. 

Two UNRWA students from Gaza enjoy recess in their first day of school. © 2017 UNRWA Photo by Rushdi Al-Saraj
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