Palestine Refugee Student Choir: Full house crowd in Khan Dunoun camp, Syria

16 August 2023
The Khan Dunoun Children's Choir being awarded by the Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria, Amanya Michael-Ebye. © 2023 UNRWA Photo

After months of intense vocal rehearsals, the 50-member Khan Dunoun camp Children’s Choir performed at the UNRWA  Ariha School this past July. Showcasing a diverse repertoire of Palestinian traditional folklore songs, they succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds of their audience with their masterful renditions and vocal performance.

The choir, a group of elementary and preparatory school-aged students promotes teamwork and provides a creative outlet for everyone involved. Initiated   in 2022 by the local camp community, the choir also receives support from the UNRWA Education and Protection Programmes.

Thanking the students for their inspiring performance, Amanya Michael-Ebye, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Syria said: “I want to thank you for your interest in singing and dedication to the choir. Thank you for the time, work, and heart that you put into preparing the special songs for today’s event. I know that you worked diligently throughout the year for today’s performance. UNRWA students impress me with their performance, courage and achievements and give us hope. Whenever I meet them, I get motivated and think we should do more for them.” 

In conversation with the representatives of the Palestine Refugee community, Amanya highlighted the Agency’s trying financial circumstances and reiterated its best efforts to mobilize resources in order to continue to provide vital services to Palestine Refugees. “Thank you for supporting the choir. UNRWA is committed to work with the community through its regular programmes and we need to deepen our partnership with the community,” Amanya noted.  He also briefed the community about progress achieved in the rehabilitation of some of the Agency's installations in camps refugees were returning to. “We look forward to the rehabilitation of UNRWA installations in Yarmouk in Damascus and in Ein el Tal camp in Aleppo, which we consider a priority for us.”

Amanya sincerely thanked the Syrian government including GAPAR and in particular Mr. Qasem Husein, D/G, GAPAR, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour for their unwavering support to UNRWA and Palestine refugees and for facilitating the Agency’s work in Syria. 

 “Thank you for all the efforts put into organizing this amazing event. To the teachers and volunteers, thank you for teaching the students lifetime skills and knowledge to stand out.. Beyond our commitment to provide Palestine refugee children with quality education, we are really excited to cooperate with the local community in the camp to foster talented students. Our children here in the choir are the future.” He also s expressed his gratitude and thanks to the community leaders for their continued communication with UNRWA.  “Today’s activities testify to the concerted efforts and strong relationship between UNRWA and the local community,” he  added.