Raisin in the Sun

23 September 2013
Raisin in the Sun


Nineteen-year-old Rania*, a Palestine refugee from Damascus, describes her parents as "defenders of justice". Both her mother and her father are lawyers, and she is determined to follow their path and fight for the rights of others. At their home in Syria, she had taken her first steps in that journey, but the ongoing conflict in the country meant she could only complete one year of law school before her family had to flee to Jordan.

The family has found safety in Jordan, but the conflict in Syria has changed many things for them. Rania's mother, Amal*, says that their living conditions are difficult, and "we don't have a stable income, since I haven't been able to find a job." Without an income, they can't pay the fees required for Rania to continue her legal studies at a public or private university in Jordan.

Nonetheless, Amal says the only important thing for her is that her children, especially Rania, continue their education. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is there to help bridge the gap. "I was accepted into the UNRWA Faculty of Education Science and Arts (FESA), to study English," she says. "I felt like I owned the whole world."

Amal adds, "We are very grateful and happy. The attention, care and acceptance of UNRWA has lit the flame of hope again for my daughter."

At FESA, Rania will not be able to study law. However, the opportunity to study English will provide a measure of stability and normalcy in a turbulent time, helping students maintain the hope and determination they need. It will also be of use when she resumes her legal studies - as she is determined to do. Being a criminal lawyer, she says, "is a noble career. I will be able to work hard to fight for justice. I will not forsake that dream." UNRWA is working to make sure the dreams of young Palestine refugees like Rania are only deferred.

*Names have been changed

Two UNRWA students from Gaza enjoy recess in their first day of school. © 2017 UNRWA Photo by Rushdi Al-Saraj
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