Second-grader Osama receives math prize in Jordan

08 February 2013
Seven-year-old Osama, a second-grader at an UNRWA school in Jordan has been awarded the first prize at the individual leve

l for first to fourth-graders in a math competition in the Zarqa area, Jordan. The competition was open to public, private and UNRWA schools. 
"I am so happy I won”, said a smiling Osama, who hopes to become a pilot in the future. 

Gifted and hard-working 

Osama’s success came thanks to a collective effort by his teachers, the principal and his parents, who took special care to prepare him for this and other competitions. 
“Everyone has a role to play in caring for students such as Osama, in order to help them achieve their full potential”, said Ahmad, an UNRWA math education specialist in the Zarqa area.
Osama’s teacher Raeda Al-Bayyari was the first to notice that Osama’s math skills were extraordinary, and encouraged him to excel by preparing special assignments for him, and preparing for math competitions. Together with the school head Ma’zouzeh Al-Ajarmeh, Reada has since developed a special programme for gifted students like Osama. 

Encouraging educators 

"I can’t describe what my feelings were when I received the news of Osama‘s winning”, said teacher Raeda. “It strengthened my belief that with good teaching, our students can achieve miracles regardless of their age." 
Ma’zouzeh said: "It is my role as a school headteacher to provide a safe and simulating school environment that helps the teachers to meet our students‘ needs and help them build life skills. 
“We pay special attention to those who show extra skills in specific subjects. I see the fruit of our efforts in students like Osama. 
“His winning really made me believe in my mission as a school headteacher.”