UNRWA training brings together mothers and girls in Amman refugee camp

23 December 2011

December 2011

Over 300 refugee mothers completed a one-month course offered by the UNRWA Girls’ Preparatory School in Amman New Camp earlier this month. The programme brought together refugee parents and students with support from the local community.

“The training promoted good health and life skills for refugee women, but it also helped us build relationships between the school and the local community,” said Ms Najat Hamodeh, the acting headteacher at the school.

Community collaboration

Volunteers from the local community delivered workshops on a wide range of topics, including religion, the environment, health care and nutrition.

“To bring about 30 new people every other day into the school was a wonderful experience,” Najat said.

Rula Al-Katami, a mother of a fifth-grade student at the school, was one of 19 women who received recognition from UNRWA for attending all of the training workshops.

“The course was very interesting and useful,” Rula said. “We were given valuable information that we did not know before, which would help us in our daily lives – especially with raising our children.”

With the help of the school’s girls, participants designed posters on the topics they learned about, which were later displayed in the school for students to see.

“This kind of collaborative approach equips refugee women with life skills by sharing the knowledge we already have in our communities,” said UNRWA’s Dr Saber Abdelkarim. “It’s a success story for the women, their children, and the local community they live within.”

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