24 November 2020
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to reduce the possibility of transmission in the community, UNRWA initiated home-delivery of vital, life-saving medicines to its Palestine refugee patients across the Gaza Strip.
11 November 2020
“In 2010, my feet and toes started to feel numb. It was like I couldn’t walk. I thought it was because of with my bones or spine, so I decided to visit a doctor," said Buthaina Afana, a 59-year-old Palestine refugee from Nahr el-Bared Camp.
28 October 2020
Education is the key that unlocks young people’s potential everywhere; for refugee children, it is a source of safety and stability and paves the way to a future with more opportunity. Schools that serve Palestine refugee children must provide opportunities amid adversity...
28 October 2020
For my family and me, and for the people of Lebanon, fear is now embedded in our hearts. We fear for the lives of our family and loved ones, for the future of this beautiful country.
05 October 2020
“Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis and the closure of schools in Lebanon, we’ve engaged in distance learning, through the UNRWA Self-Learning Programme. We’ve been using educational materials specifically developed by the Agency to support student learning during this...