24 February 2020
Rasha Yassine, a beneficiary of the UNRWA Youth Unit’s Innovation Lab Social Entrepreneurship training, showcases before and after pictures of discarded furniture she transforms into stylish, refurbished pieces as part of her small business she founded, Platfurn . As...
18 February 2020
Ismaeel Abbas, a 61-year-old Palestine refugee from rural Damascus, never imagined his senior years would be filled with hardship.
15 January 2020
Rahma Mu’ammar is a ninth-grade student at the UNRWA al-Fukhari Preparatory Girls’ School in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip with a very special dream: she wants to establish a sports centre for women in the Gaza Strip.
12 January 2020
Ranna Al Ramlawi is a 24-year old Palestine refugee from Gaza. Her father suffers from Parkinson's disease, leaving him unable to move or work. Ranna’s mother is a teacher at an UNRWA school in the besieged strip. One of nine children, Ranna was unable to complete a...
09 January 2020
In Lebanon, some 37,000 Palestine refugee students are being educated within 65 UNRWA schools and during the 2019 academic school year, six UNRWA schools were proud to receive the International School Award (ISA) accreditation at the International School Award Ceremony.