29 July 2021
Mutaz Qishawi is a Palestine refugee who lives in Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza with his family, including four children. Having two diabetic children adds to the extreme difficulties of life in the already challenging environment of the coastal strip
24 July 2021
The repeated conflicts in Gaza have left an indelible impact on the psychological, social and emotional well-being of all Palestinians living in the coastal enclave, including Palestine refugees.
17 July 2021
“My name is Husni Abd al-Hai Matariyyeh Abu S’eifan - number 43.” This is how Husni, known as Abu al-Abed, introduced himself to the visiting UNRWA delegation as he welcomed us into his home.
28 June 2021
The public health system in Syria has been deeply affected by ten years of conflict. Both the damage and destruction of several health facilities, and outmigration of professional health workers have added strain to an already crumbling system.
20 June 2021
Seventy-seven year-old Mohammed Omayya is a Palestine refugee who escaped from violence in Syria to Lebanon. He has been living in Beddawi refugee camp with his wife and son since January 2013. Originally from Tira in Haifa, Mohammed lived in al Yarmouk camp in Syria until...