11 June 2021
A 15-year-old child in Gaza has lived through four escalation in hostilities. They have observed the frustration and hopelessness of young adults several years older in the Great March of Return (GMR) protests. They now have to put together the pieces of their life after a...
10 June 2021
From the first months of the global COVID-19 pandemic, UNRWA mobile clinic doctor Khaled Ma’touq recalls the fear, confusion and panic that spread through the Palestine refugee community.
09 June 2021
"I’m left with nothing, but I’m still alive and that’s enough to start over," said Ramadan Al-Njeli, a Palestine refugee who lives in Gaza.
05 June 2021
Displaced by airstrikes, Palestine refugees are left to seek shelter at UNRWA schools, such as UNRWA Jabalia Preparatory Girls “A” School, locally known as Abu Hussein School, one of around 50 shelters of its kind in the Gaza Strip. These UNRWA schools are designated as...
27 May 2021
Recognizing that education is a human right, one that is fundamental to helping every child achieve their full potential, UNRWA has worked for nearly 70 years to ensure that Palestine refugee children have access to quality education.