05 November 2019
Walk into the “Heritage Touch” boutique in Ramallah and you will think you have entered Ali Baba’s cave! Beautiful fabrics, vibrant colors, rich traditional patterns and ingenious designs fill the displays where Palestinian traditional patterns are stitched to contemporary...
04 November 2019
“Luckily, I was one of 200 people to receive training on green technology and environmentally friendly farming techniques. This really enhanced my knowledge and encourages me to launch my project,”said Irada.
25 October 2019
“When I saw the fire raging and devouring everything its way in the green but parched mountains of Lebanon - my second country - I, like many others in the Palestine refugee camps, could not sit back and look on,”
24 October 2019
“I’m very happy that UNRWA schools opened on time this year. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to register in a private school and I would be on the street,”
23 October 2019
Ro’a recalls that a short story entitled "Bulbul," was her first attempt at writing, which she describes as amatuer. The library of the UNRWA Dheisheh Girls’ School 1, near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, was where Ro’a Sheesh first began her love for reading and...