12 October 2017
UNRWA alumnus Safaa Nasser achieved the highest mark in all secondary schools in Lebanon among those who sat for the final Life Science exams for the Baccalaureate 2
09 October 2017
In 2014, a group of young people living in Burj Barajneh camp decided not to surrender to the prison of drugs and turned an old prison building into a drug rehab centre for addicts to help them build a bright future and embark on a new life
29 September 2017
UNRWA launched the ‘Empowering Young Girls through Sport’ initiative in a number of its schools across the Gaza Strip to promote social activity for young Palestine refugee girls and provide them with an opportunity to practice sports
18 August 2017
In May 2017, 120 grade 7 students from the Saida and Burj Shemali areas visited three newly renovated UNRWA health centres, all of which were rehabilitated and refurbished with European Union support, to learn about the Agency’s health-care services and see them in action,...
17 August 2017
International Youth Day provides a unique opportunity to shed light on the ongoing commitment of UNRWA to empowering Palestine refugee youth