An UNRWA mobile health clinic doctor takes examines a patient. © 2018 UNRWA photo by Fernande Van Tets
28 November 2018
Access to basic health care is one of the biggest challenges faced by displaced refugees and those in areas affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria
Students from Rafidia School for Girls, Lebanon © unrwa photo,Ahmad Mahmoud
27 November 2018
Ein El Hilweh refugee camp is home to thousands of Palestine refugees, making it the biggest camp of its kind in Lebanon
©UNRWA photo, Taghrid Mohammad.
12 October 2018
Zahra Ma’touq walks between the desks while 30 girls and boys look up at her adoringly. She bends over a desk to correct a notebook here, calmly walks over to answer a question there. Like her students, Zahra is a little nervous, and excited - his is her first day too...
Abdallah Mohammad, an old Palestine refugee receives primary health care at UNRWA health centre in Alliance, Damascus @2018  UNRWA photo by Taghrid Mohammad.
08 October 2018
Once a successful business owner, Abdallah Mohammed lived surrounded by his family in Yarmouk refugee camp. Conflict has ravaged Syria in recent years and Abdallah lost his home.