14 October 2019
Wijdan Haroun from al-Amari camp in the West Bank did not expect to become a professional photographer and videographer; nor did she expect to end up training other young Palestine refugee women in the art of photography and share her passion
11 October 2019
As part of its Education in Emergencies approach, the UNRWA Department of Education has further developed and diversified its student Self-Learning Programme
25 August 2019
When you have lived through three armed conflicts, When soldiers have raided your home, leaving you frightened and confused,
22 August 2019
“I am very proud to have overcome all the challenges I have faced,'' Ghazal sayswith pride.
30 July 2019
“Over the last thirty years of working with UNRWA, Palestine refugees’ dignity, needs, and quality of services were always our priority. To this end, there were always initiatives for empowering UNRWA health teams and reforming management,” says Dr. Mahmoud Shaker