Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives
02 October 2014
When I was awoken by a call from our Gaza director at 6:20 in the morning on July 30, it was instantly clear the news wouldn't be good. And it wasn't. A U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school sheltering 3,000 displaced people from the raging conflict had just been hit...
UNRWA Prioritizes the Safety and Security of Staff and Communities in Gaza
23 September 2014
Casualties often to continue to rise after armed conflicts when unexploded ordnances detonate. These detonations can be caused by either risky behaviour or environmental factors.
Noorhan Abdulhafeez/UNRWA Archives
11 September 2014
At the heart of a school in Qabr Essit camp, Damascus, children and young adults who have suffered terrible experiences in the Syria conflict share with their peers how it is possible to maintain hope for a better future. “My favourite subject is maths and my dream is to be...
UNRWA Advisory Commission Field Visit to Gaza
09 September 2014
The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Advisory Commission conducted a field visit to Gaza on 9 September for AdCom Members. During the visit, the group Drove from Salah Al Din Road to the Eastern Road and Shuja'iyya and received a briefing in the car via radio by Mumen...
Shareef Sarhan/UNRWA Archives
09 September 2014
Since the beginning of August, UNRWA has been rolling out a hygiene and water campaign in its shelters in Gaza. The campaign is designed to help displaced persons take responsibility for promoting clean shelters, in order to prevent a large scale outbreak of diseases, such...