A family in their living space in Doumar shelter, Damascus. Thirteen UNRWA schools have been converted into UNRWA shelters.
19 November 2014
Managing UNRWA collective shelters requires a skilled workforce. The Agency’s collective shelters, formerly UNRWA schools, host 8,000 of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees displaced by the war in Syria
No more fear of the dark at Jalazone
13 November 2014
It’s remarkable, the difference renovating a school can make. When you first ask the girls at the UNRWA Jalazone Girls’ School in the West Bank what they like about their new school, their comments include, “There are new desks, the old desks were rubbish.” But if you dig a...
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06 November 2014
“You know Mousa, I have a good idea about how our school can benefit from the old desks kept in the storeroom,” ninth grade student Osama told his classmate. With Mousa’s encouragement, Osama, a student parliament representative at Marka Prep Boys School (No. 1) in Jordan,...
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05 November 2014
The Director of UNRWA in Syria, Michael Kingsley-Nyinah, has called the rehabilitation of an UNRWA school and community centre in Qabr Essit camp, Syria, “a symbol of the steadfast resilience of Palestinians”.
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04 November 2014
UK Labour Party leader Edward Miliband visited the Bedouin Palestine refugee community of Khan al Ahmar in April this year, speaking with the community and even playing football with the boys in the local football team.