23 June 2023
Nestled in the narrow alleyways of Beach camp in the Gaza Strip stands Nadia al-Laham's modest home. She lives there with her eleven sons and daughters.
14 June 2023
“I don’t feel alive anymore”, says Nasra Sulaiman Ali Saffuri, a 60-year-old Palestine Refugee who fled to Jordan from Syria with her family in 2014.
14 June 2023
For Palestine Refugees who returned to Yarmouk camp in Damascus, 21 May was a special day. It marked a significant milestone for 30 accomplished women graduates who celebrated their achievements with their families, with lots of love and happiness.
13 June 2023
“They say one hand alone cannot clap, but I believe it can do lots of things,” says Hammam Mohammad Sulaiman Rammah, a 34-year-old Palestine Refugee who fled with his family from Syria to Jordan (PRS) in 2015.
12 June 2023
Ghusoun Tahan has paid a heavy price during the conflict in Syria. Overnight, her world collapsed, and she lost everything – her husband, her home, and her community.