15 March 2021
For the last ten years, Syria has been devastated by prolonged conflict, destroying countless lives and displacing millions. Palestine refugees, already displaced, have been among the worst affected by the crisis. Each displacement triggered by the conflict follows an...
22 February 2021
The 2019-2020 scholastic year was challenging for students and teachers the world over. In Lebanon, schools across the country closed in late February in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, UNRWA activated its Self-Learning Programme (SLP), which allowed...
12 February 2021
When 20-year-old Ghada Zaki Krayem pulls into a new job site, jaws drop. Unperturbed, she marches up with her drill and toolbox and gets to work installing solar panels.
08 February 2021
UNRWA is committed to ensuring that all its programming and services are inclusive and that persons with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate and benefit from the Agency’s assistance.
04 February 2021
Green energy is not just another buzzword, or another best practice UNRWA is committed to. Instead, the Agency, with help from donor partners like GIZ, understand the need for new clean, renewable sources of energy in Gaza can be lifesaving. Cohorts of Palestine refugee...